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Diaper Cake Ideas

Diaper Cake Ideas by Siti Saad

Free diaper cake ideas, tips, images, and instructions for the most beautiful, elegant, and unique baby shower diaper cake creations you can make, buy or simply admire.

Diaper cakes for baby showers can be used as party centerpieces, as gifts or as party decorations. No matter how you intend to use a diaper cake, the concept is always the same – to provide the expecting mother with a unique creation that offers a few much needed baby items. Namely, diapers!

Handing over a pack of Pampers, however, isn’t really very chic.  So some creative person somewhere came up with the idea of disguising the diapers in crafty little covers and in neat shapes and the popularity of diaper cake ideas was born.

How much cuter a gift of necessity appears when covered in colorful stroller blankets, bibs, rattles and infant socks.  For the creative person, each baby diaper cake is something different – a work of art inspired by the angelic little recipient.