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Diaper Cakes to Buy

Pink Butterfly Diaper Cake for Girls

Oh, so pretty!  Simple but elegant, this pink butterfly diaper cake for girls is absolutely gorgeous!  The diapers are not ...

Yellow Duck Diaper Cake Ideas

Besides diapers, babies need a lot of baths. That means you can't go wrong with diaper cake ideas that ...

Pink and Brown Diaper Cake with Teddy Bear

Pink and brown diaper cake ideas are modern and chic making them very popular themes for baby showers. Pale ...

Farm Yard Diaper Cake Ideas

Okay, way too cute. A farm yard diaper cake idea with incredible attention to detail. Charming little farm ...

Modern Diaper Cake Ideas

Modern diaper cake ideas come in trendy color combinations and art deco accessories that really stand out. They're completely ...

Lamaze Peacock Diaper Cake Ideas for Boys

Lamaze baby products have a great reputation with babies and parents, so it makes sense that Lamaze toys make great diaper cake ideas. This set of baby items works well for a boy, but using slightly different colors in the blanket could also create a great baby girl diaper cake.

Pink and Green Diaper Cake Ideas for Girls

Pink and green diaper cake ideas for girls aren’t just for spring. With these warm accessories, you can make a beautiful, bright diaper cake any time of the year.

Diaper Cakes for Twins

When creating diaper cakes for twins, come up with ideas of natural pairs – two animals from the jungle, two types of fish, or puppies and kittens. If you can find the same sorts of decorations in two different colors, you’ll have unique but twin-like diaper cakes.

Make Ribbon Bows for a Diaper Cake

The final touch of almost any baby diaper cake are the ribbon bows which add color and interest to your decoration. You can use all sizes and colors of ribbons to accessorize and even a simple cluster of the ribbon in this video makes a great cake topper.

Do It Yourself Undecorated Diaper Cakes

Don’t have a lot of time but still want to make a unique diaper cake for a baby shower? Buy undecorated diaper cakes and stick with the fun part of decorating and accessorizing the diaper cake.

Baby Diaper Cake Instructions

Here’s an easy video on baby diaper cake instructions. The demonstration is thorough and includes all the information you’ll need for making your own baby shower diaper cake. It’s a great project to tackle for making centerpieces or gifts.