Make Ribbon Bows for a Diaper Cake

Ribbon Bows by Siti Saad

Ribbon Bows by Siti Saad

The final touch of almost any baby diaper cake are the ribbon bows which add color and interest to your decoration. You can use all sizes and colors of ribbons to accessorize.  Even a cluster of bows makes a beautiful and eye-catching cake topper.

Diaper cake centerpieces for a baby shower can be easily decorated with ribbon bows on all the tiers.  Mix and match ribbons for more contrast. Wander the ribbon aisle of a great craft store and you will lose your mind over the incredible choices!

My only problem?  The ribbon looks great, until I try to actually make a bow.  Let me just say right now – I am not a professional bow maker.

This great video demonstration can help if you have too many fingers and thumbs messing up your bows:

Try something different for a diaper cake for a girl baby shower.  Great ideas for accessories include hand made little hair bows out of fun, colorful ribbon.  Use these on the cake as decorations.  Grosgrain ribbon makes nice, sturdy bows and the colors are usually quite vibrant.  The mother can save those for when the baby is born. I always loved my little nieces when they had nothing but fine, baby hair and cute little clip holding one lock in place. That you will have made the ribbon bows yourself will ensure they are unique and treasured presents for the expecting mother.