Diaper Cakes for Twins

Diaper Cakes for Twins

Photo by Siti Saad

When creating diaper cakes for twins, come up with ideas of natural pairs – two animals from the jungle, two types of fish, or puppies and kittens. If you can find the same sorts of decorations in two different colors, you’ll have unique but twin-like diaper cakes.

Making diaper cakes for twins is a trick of coordination. Designing one cake first and then finding you can’t match the idea for a second because of the availability of similar items can be frustrating.

If you can find bibs and baby blankets from the same manufacturer but in different patterns and colors, then you’ll have an easier time finding pairs of decorations that you can use for each diaper cake.

Of course, you can make two completely different diaper cakes but I swear, they’ll grow up knowing if one wasn’t just like the other. I have twin nephews. My sister is the god-mother of one of the twins and I am the god-mother of the other. Our own mother has to keep us on track to make sure we evenly recognize our nephews or they start to feel slighted.