Baby Girl Diaper Cake with Pink Flower

Baby Girl Diaper Cake

Photo by Siti Saad

So sweet and precious! The whimsical, smiling flower on this baby girl diaper cake makes it both charming and cute. It’s a happy, hopeful, joyful diaper cake with tiny little touches of summer.

Simply done in two tiers, this diaper cake idea is all pulled together by the special baby gift on the top. You can find all kinds of stuffed rattle shapes in great girl colors. Once you have the top selected, find some really unique stroller blankets in great designs that match to make the covers of each tier.

Getting the blanket on the bottom layer to pleat nice and evenly gives the diaper cake a smooth finish. Then use large, bright pink bows for a touch of flair. Attached to the side of the diaper cake is a little, wooden watermelon. Little touches like that make your creation unique. Craft stores and baby stores are filled with cute ideas for accessorizing any baby shower diaper cake.

To get this look, try making the baby girl diaper cake with the Mud Pie pink flower blanket. It’s plush, pink and a generous 36″ x 36″. It can be used in the crib or as a play mat.